Spare parts



The spare parts we offer meet the strictest quality requirements. Constant control and careful selection in the production of new products, guarantee the end consumers top-quality GRANIT spare parts.


A well-trained staff, detailed catalogues and quick delivery enable that our customer receive exactly, what they need as soon as possible and at a low price. Many spare parts are in stock, while we can deliver those that are not within 48 hours from the purchase order.


GRANIT spare parts are sold across the entire European market. The German company owns offices in Austria, the Netherlands, in Belgium, France, Italy, Great Britain and Poland. They have official representatives for Denmark, Switzerland and Ireland. In this way, the company can quickly and successfully adjust to the local needs. Then there is the well spread network of representatives across Europe, us included, that enable end consumers drawing up purchase requests and orders in their mother tongue.


Detailed catalogues are crucial for successful sales in the European market. In our high quality and neatly arranged catalogue spare parts are described in detail providing all relevant information. GRANIT's broad range of products comprises over 4.380.250 products among them spare parts for agricultural machinery, tractors, engines, electric equipment, forest and garden equipment etc.


GranitBy clicking on the picture Granit Parts on the left you can see the whole assortment of spare parts Granit. If you wish to send you an offer for a specific spare part, please let us using the form below to send your data and the number of spare parts. The number of overwriting the online catalog Granit, which is enshrined in addition to the presentation of the spare part under "Order No.".

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